Embark 2.5.0

To Update to 2.5.0


Embark’s npm package has changed from embark-framework to embark, this sometimes can create conflicts. To update, first uninstall embark-framework 1 to avoid any conflicts with npm uninstall -g embark-framework followed by npm install -g embark

to update from 2.4.2:

npm install -g [email protected]

afterwards make sure embark version returns 2.5.0.

In this release

This release updates to the lastest dependencies, fixes a few things and has a lot of work under the hood necessary for future releases.


  • support for geth 1.6.5
  • updated to use web3.js 0.19.11
  • updated to use solc 0.4.11

Misc Bugfixes and Improvements

  • embark new will now prompt for the dapp name if not specified as embark new <yourDappName>
  • embark.js: ContractName.new() as been added as an alias for ContractName.deploy()
  • embark.js: a method to easily send ether to a contract has been added: ContractName.send(value, unit, options) e.g ContractName.send(2, "ether", {from: web3.eth.accounts[1]})
  • orbit: Fix for orbit to make it work if the blockchain component is disabled
  • orbit: Use default config for orbit it none is specified in the config file
  • Demo app now has warning message for incompatible whisper versions
  • the JSON files of the contracts are now being outputted at dist/contracts/ (experimental)
  • whisper: Dashboard now displays the whisper version of the node
  • plugin API: extensions can now also be added as directories within the dapp directory
  • plugin API: plugins can now register a component to be displayed in the dashboard. e.g:
embark.registerServiceCheck('PluginService', function(cb) {
if (someFunctionThatChecksTheService()) {
cb({name: "MyServiceName", status: "on"});
} else {
cb({name: "MyServiceName", status: "off"});

Thank you

A big thanks to all that contributed to this release including Nathan Hernandez, Antonio Tenorio-Fornés, Jon Johnson, Andy Nogueira, roo2, Carl Mönnig, Michael Yeates, Todd Baur, 黄俊钦, Ramiro Moreira, gregg dourgarian


To discuss about Embark or Dapp development, please join us at the gitter channel