Last updated: March 18th 2019 ( Improve this guide )


In case you’re experiencing problems with using Embark, here is a list of solutions to some frequently encountered issues. If this page doesn’t help you solve your problem, try doing a search on GitHub.

node-gyp problems

node-gyp can cause problems, because it requires a C++ compiler.

If you do have problems caused by it, first follow the installation steps for your OS here.

If you still have problems and are on Windows, try the following:

  • run npm config set msvs_version 2015 before npm install
  • Repair Windows Build tools that the node-gyp doc made you install. If it tells you to remove a conflicting version do it. After the repair succeeded, reboot.

EACCES / npm ERR Permission denied

Issues typically occur if NodeJS and/or Embark are installed using sudo, avoid using it possible. There are several options to fix this. We recommend installing node using NVM