Naming Configuration


By default Embark will automatically initialize EmbarkJS with the provider configured at config/namesystem.js.

Configuration basics

Embark checks your configuration in config/namesystem.js. None of them are necessary to run Embark, you need only enable those when you want to use the name system.

When using ENS ("ens") as your provider, you can set the register section to pre-register sub-domains. Feature only available in development environment.

module.exports = {
  default: {
    enabled: true,
    available_providers: ["ens", "ipns"],
    provider: "ens",
    // The register section is only used in development. It allows you to pre-register domains
    register: {
      rootDomain: "embark.eth", // The root domain to which you can attach the subdomains. The address will be pointing to the defaultAccount
      subdomains: {
        // List of subdomains.
        // The key is the name (eg: status -> status.embark.eth)
        // The value is the address to where the subdomain points
        'status': '0x1a2f3b98e434c02363f3dac3174af93c1d690914'