Last updated: May 9th 2019 ( Improve this guide )

Naming System Configuration

We can configure different naming systems in Embark. In this guide we’ll explore how this is done using the Ethereum Name Service.

Configuration basics

Embark checks our configuration in config/namesystem.js by default. A naming system configuration isn’t crucial to run Embark, so this only needs to be enabled when planing to use a naming system.

When using ENS as our provider, we can set the register section to pre-register sub-domains. This feature is only available in the development environment:

module.exports = {
default: {
enabled: true,
available_providers: ['ens', 'ipns'],
provider: 'ens',
register: {
rootDomain: 'embark.eth',
subdomains: {
// List of subdomains.
// The key is the name (eg: status -> status.embark.eth)
// The value is the address to where the subdomain points
'status': '0x1a2f3b98e434c02363f3dac3174af93c1d690914'