Installing Plugins

To add a plugin to embark:

  1. Add the npm package to package.json
    for e.g:
    npm install embark-solium --save
  2. Then add the package to plugins: in embark.json
    for e.g:
    "plugins": { "embark-solium": {} }


Additionally, you can also specify the context a plugin should run in the plugin config options:

  • context: {Array} Specifies the context(s) in which the plugin can run
    • any (default)
    • run
    • upload
    • build
    • simulator
    • blockchain
    • graph
    • test
    • templateGeneration
    • reset


"plugins": { "embark-solium": {"context": ["build", "run"]} }

This can be quite useful to limit plugins to run only in certain contexts (note: newer plugins can use an API to automatically detect the context.)