Creating Plugins

Creating a plugin:

$ mkdir yourpluginname
$ cd yourpluginname
$ npm init

Create and edit index.js and add the following code:

module.exports = function(embark) {

The embark object then provides an api to extend different functionality of embark which can be found in the plugin api reference

Usecases examples

  • plugin to add support for es6, jsx, coffescript, etc (embark.registerPipeline)
  • plugin to add standard contracts or a contract framework (embark.registerContractConfiguration and embark.addContractFile)
  • plugin to make some contracts available in all environments for use by other contracts or the dapp itself e.g a Token, a DAO, ENS, etc.. (embark.registerContractConfiguration and embark.addContractFile)
  • plugin to add a libraries such as react or boostrap (embark.addFileToPipeline, embark.registerImportFile)
  • plugin to process contract’s binary code before deployment (embark.beforeDeploy)
  • plugin to specify a particular web3 initialization for special provider uses (embark.registerClientWeb3Provider)
  • plugin to create a different contract wrapper (embark.registerContractsGeneration)
  • plugin to add new console commands (embark.registerConsoleCommand)
  • plugin to add support for another contract language such as viper, LLL, etc (embark.registerCompiler)
  • plugin that executes certain actions when contracts are deployed (
  • plugin that registers a service in embark (embark.registerServiceCheck)
  • plugin that adds support to upload the dapp somewhere (embark.registerUploadCommand)
  • plugin that extends EmbarkJS (embark.addCodeToEmbarkJS, embark.addProviderInit)