We welcome you to join the development of Embark. This document will help you through the process.

Before You Start

Please follow the coding style:


  1. Fork embark-framework/embark.
  2. Clone the repository to your computer and install dependencies.

    $ git clone<username>/embark.git
    $ cd embark
    $ npm install
    $ npm link
  3. Create a feature branch.

    $ git checkout -b new_feature
  4. Start hacking.

  5. Push the branch:

    $ git push origin new_feature
  6. Create a pull request and describe the change.


  • Don’t modify version number in package.json.
  • Your pull request will only get merged when tests passed. Don’t forget to run tests before submission.

    $ npm run fulltest

Reporting Issues

When you encounter some problems when using Embark, you can find the solutions in Troubleshooting or ask me on GitHub. If you can’t find the answer, please report it on GitHub.

  1. Represent the problem in debug mode.
  2. Run embark version and check the version info.
  3. Post both debug message and version info on GitHub.