Contracts Usage in Javascript

Interacting with contracts in Javascript

Embark will automatically take care of deployment for you and set all needed JS bindings. For example, the contract below:

// app/contracts/simple_storage.sol
contract SimpleStorage {
  uint public storedData;

  function SimpleStorage(uint initialValue) {
    storedData = initialValue;

  function set(uint x) {
    storedData = x;
  function get() constant returns (uint retVal) {
    return storedData;

Will automatically be available in Javascript as:

// app/js/index.js
import SimpleStorage from 'Embark/contracts/SimpleStorage';

SimpleStorage.methods.get().call().then(function(value) { console.log(value) });
SimpleStorage.methods.storedData().call().then(function(value) { console.log(value) });

The syntax used is web3.js 1.0