Last updated: May 7th 2019 ( Improve this guide )

Console Commands

With embark run there is a console at the bottom which can be used to interact with contracts or with embark itself. type help to see a list of available commands, more commands will be added with each version of Embark.

Interacting with contracts

After contract deployment, you should be able to interact with the web3 object and the deployed contracts.

Other Available Commands

Some commands available include:

  • version - see list of software & libraries and their respective versions
  • quit or exit - to immediatly exit (you can also use ctrl + c)
  • webserver start - start the dev webserver
  • webserver stop - stop the dev webserver
  • browser open - open a web browser and load your DApp from the dev webserver

Custom Commands

It’s possible to extend Embark to include custom commands. See how to create
a plugin

module.exports = function(embark) {
        embark.registerConsoleCommand(function(cmd, options) {
          if (cmd === "hello") {
            return "hello there!";
          // continue to embark or next plugin;
          return false;